Where Can You Watch the Best Asian Movies Online for Free?

There’s barely anything in life for free anymore, which makes it challenging when you want to enjoy movies online and pay nothing at all. However, if you’re looking for Japanese movies, Korean videos, and Chinese movies that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home without paying a cent, we’re in the know.

The international movie market is growing on a daily basis. No longer do you have to peruse the shelves of the dying video store, or huddle in the R18 section hoping no one you know arrives. You can, instead, look online and take advantage of all the raunchy content you want, as well as Asian videos you can’t find anywhere else.

However, it does take hard work to hunt out the best that don’t cost anything. Fortunately for you, we’ve done all that hard work for you. Check out the best places to watch Asian movies online for free below.


Whether you like Korean videos, Chinese movies, or Japanese movies, you will find AsianCrush caters to all your needs. You can get involved in raunchy comedy, close the curtains for R18 films, or get the popcorn out for Korean dramas, martial arts movies, action-packed films, and anime. Even award-winning videos are commonplace on Asian Crush.

The best part is, when you watch Asian movies online for free on Asian Crush, you benefit from excellent device compatibility. Find Asian Crush on Roku, AppleTV, iOS, Android, and more. You are no longer confined to your TV screen.

Asian Crush considers themselves to be the premier streaming service for Japanese movies, Korean videos, Chinese movies, and the best in Asian entertainment. All their content is distributed throughout North America, available on Video on Demand, broadband, satellite, and cable.


Fandor caters to a broad variety of movie lovers, but if you want to see Asian movies such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, Fandor delivers. While you can access all manner of genres, the Asian section of Fandor is extensive.

For many years, Western audiences did not get to experience the joy of classic Asian movies. It wasn’t until the 1950s that Japanese films first hit the big screen overseas, giving Westerners a taste of what they were missing. 

Now, you can benefit from Korean videos, Chinese movies, and movies from Thailand, North and South Korea, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Taiwan, and more.


If you live in China and want to access the best Asian moves online for free, then Iqiyi will tick all the boxes. Owned by the largest Chinese search engine company called Baidu, it’s a Chinese movie website that offers an eclectic mix of genres to take your every fancy. Whether you want to woo your significant other with a Chinese romance, or you want to enjoy anime, a documentary, or music. You will find that Iqiyi covers all bases.


With three new Chinese movies added every day, it’s little wonder that M1905 has a considerable fan base. It’s the official site of the Chinese CCTV Movie Channel, features over 1,400 HD movies, and is copyright-free. As a result, anyone, anywhere, at any time, can benefit from Chinese movies, and even Japanese movies and Korean videos.


FilmDoo is a firm favorite for its ability to cater to people from 125 different countries. However, its collection of the best Asian movies online for free is impressive. Whether you want to watch Japanese movies, Chinese movies, or Korean videos, FilmDoo covers all bases.

FilmDoo was born from the idea that the international cinema was anything but global. The FilmDoo founders then set about giving Asian videos, among many others, a platform for the entire world to access. Now, you can catch the latest and best Asian movies online for free right from the comfort of your home.

Gone are the days where we needed to pay a lot of money for Asian movies. Now, we can visit any of the websites above and get the latest and greatest Asian movies and videos online for free. Whether you fancy Japanese movies, Chinese movies, or dramatic Korean videos, there are options aplenty when you take a look online. You just need to know where to look.