Dating White VS Asian Girls: What are the differences

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People date because they are in need of a relationship or companionship. Dating is all about liking a girl enough to know her more, to delve deeper into her personality, and see if you both have a lot in common to take the dating into the next level. However, in a world where modernization has been quite obvious, there is still apprehension in society regarding a man dating a white girl or an Asian girl.

White girls vs. Asian girls

When you think about it, girls are simply girls, no matter what the color or the heritage. They vary in their physical appearance, but mostly, relationships are based on how the couples are emotionally and psychologically compatible with each other and the looks comes second.

Physical ethnicity

Asian girls are beautiful, they are blessed with flawless skin that has no freckles, but are oftentimes visited by pimples. The white girls have freckles on their faces and nose, which makes them even more attractive. The white girls have natural voluptuous body, and tall heights, and the Asian girls have slimmer figures and shorter statures. Though they differ in their physicality, their individualism gives them their unique beauty. You can always tell that a girl is white or Asian, but most of the time you cannot figure out who is more beautiful, because their beauty are different and cannot be compared. It is easier to compare between two white girls or two Asian girls, but not against the other.


White girls are naturally open-minded, they are independent and can take of themselves. They have been born with the reality that as soon they are in the right age, they need to live on their own and depend on themselves, not on their parents. Because of this, white girls are not clingy and they are highly liberated. On the other hand, Asian girls, even those who are raised in the U.S., are raised with Asian tradition that family always comes first, and dependability is a natural thing. Asian girls are more reserved, and they have high regard for family tradition.


Society expects an American boy to date a white girl, but many boys are dating Asian girls. The modern world in general is not racist anymore, though there are still a few who remains in the old age. White girls are more open to dating for convenience, or companionship, or just to have someone, or because of love. Asian girls are more into the like and love reasons for dating. 

Bottom line

Bottom line is it is not a question of whether to date a white girl or Asian girl. It all depends on the preference of the boy, and the chances of having feelings for the person. Because no matter what the color, race, or ethnicity, when the heart decides to like someone, the heart cannot be stopped. And the heart does not know the difference between white a girl or an Asian girl, it just knows how to feel.

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