How Asian Culture differs from Western culture?

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The Asian and Western culture are both rich with tradition, modernization, and a promise of the future. Both worlds can be lived by any individual, the Asians can live in the Western countries and be happy and successful, and same goes for Westerners in the Asian countries. However, there are differences between the Eastern and Western culture, and to know each of them will result in a harmonious existence between the two cultures.


The East is more conservative, and even in the modern world, home sexual education is still a taboo, while in the West, parents are educating their children about sex to prepare them for what is ahead. The East tends to sugar coat bad news, while the West announces the news forthright. The East has a holistic view, they focus more on the overall outcome, and tend to stray to the what if’s, while the West is mostly analytical and detail-oriented, and their emphasis is on the current problem, deciding on the result based on the pros and cons.


The East have high regard to family, and a child who reached the age 18 or above are still living with their parents, and even when they have families on their own, they are still staying in their parent’s house. In the West, once a young member of the family graduated high school, the child is expected to move out of the house and live on their own.

The women in the East are expected to give up their careers to take care of their family, while the men are anticipated to work for the stability of the family. In the West, there is equality in the profession of men and women, and both men and women have equal opportunities to work hard for their family.


Religion exist in the West, but it’s worth cannot be compared to the East. The East values religion in the highest degree, and a few people who do not have a strong religious belief are shunned by society. Religion is the prime status to uphold in the East, while in the West, people are expected to make their own choices, to enter into a religion or not. It is not a big deal in the West.


In the East, relationships are being decided not only by the couples, but by the whole family, group of friends, and even neighbors. Marriage is decided by the whole family, and arranged marriage still exists in the East. In the West, couples in the right age can make the decision to get married without the blessing of their family, and they can decide who to marry.


Leaders in the East are put in the pedestal, their status are so high, the employees treats them like superior beings. In the West, leaders are among the employees, they are part of the team, and their employees can approach them anytime. The Western leaders put a point in equality, while Eastern leaders set themselves higher.

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